12. – 14. April 2019

7. Jährliche Konferenz – AnalytiX-2019

Dr. Michael Grimm (3D-Micromac AG) wird auf der AnalytiX-2019 in Singapur sein und unser innovatives Produkt zur Probenherstellung microPREP vorstellen. Alle Interessierten sind herzlich eingeladen unseren Vortrag zu besuchen – Dieser findet am 12. April, 14:05 – 14:25 Uhr im Furama RiverFront Singapore statt.



Furama RiverFront Singapur

Title: microPREP – A Novel Specimen Preparation Method for TEM, X-SEM, XRM, APT, and Micromechanical Testing Samples Using Ultrashort Pulse Lasers


For complex high density System in Package devices (SiP) and new interconnect technologies like TSV, TGV, TEV and μ-bump located defect sites have to be accessed for physical failure analysis. Standard mechanically grinding and polishing techniques are very limited in precision and standard FIB milling is much too slow to prepare the required cross sections for SEM and TEM analysis of buried interfaces in multi-chip designs and interconnects with only several μm diameter and high aspect ratios.

In order to solve this task in a fast and precise way different gentle laser processes are introduced for pre-preparation of the samples prior to the final polishing step by FIB or broad ion beam.

We will show how different workflows using laser technologies can speed up the failure preparation process very efficient such as:

  • preparation of TEM lamellas out of complex devices
  • cross sectioning by box milling or line cutting for high resolution SEM analysis
  • preparation of cylindrical samples and sample holders for X-ray microscopy
  • semiconductor back thinning for failure visualization by infrared microscopy

Furthermore, the preparation of micromechanical test samples will be presented.

This work has been partly performed in the project SAM3, where the German partners are funded by the German Bundesministerium für Bildung und Forschung (BMBF) under contract 16ES0347 and the French partners by the French Ministry for Industry and Economy. SAM3 is a joint project running in the European EUREKA EURIPIDES and CATRENE programs.

Dr. Michael Grimm, Dr. Bernd Keiper and Henry Spott (3D-Micromac AG – Chemnitz, Germany)

Dr. Michael Krause, Georg Schusser and Prof. Thomas Höche (Fraunhofer IMWS – Halle, Germany)