Solutions for Manufacturing Next Generation Medical Devices

This webinar will show you application examples and machining solutions for the production of consumables and components for medical devices. It will cover laser processes and machine solutions that can be used for both – R&D and production purposes of next generation medical devices.

No matter if you need to drill, cut or structure glass, polymers or metal – from micrometer scale to roll-to-roll-mass production – with laser technology everything becomes possible.

Besides basic knowledge on the advantages of applying laser in health technology and the production of next generation medical devices, this webinar includes case studies on the following laser micromachining applications:

  • Glass slides for diagnostics, microscopy, NGS flow cells
  • Nebulizers for drug delivery
  • Sensor component manufacturing on flexible or rigid carrier substrates

After this webinar you will know if laser technology is a possible solution for you production challenges.

Glass wafer cut for medical devices

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