Manual bending and torsion test of lasercut OLED lighting device showing a sufficient bending radius

Laser Cutting of Ultra-thin Glass for Electronics, Displays and OLED-lighting Devices

In this webinar product manager René Liebers will give you insights on the production of display components, electronics an OLED lighting applications that are based on ultrathin glass.

microCETI-LIFT System

Laser Technologies for the Production of Next-generation Displays

In this webinar Markus Mueller, head of product management at 3D-Micromac, will give you an introduction on laser processes that are available for the production of microLED displays.

Glass wafer for medical devices

Solutions for Manufacturing Next Generation Medical Devices

This webinar will show you application examples and machining solutions for the production of consumables and components for medical devices. It will cover laser processes and machine solutions that can be used for both – R&D and production purposes.