Mittwoch, 11. Januar 2023

Design & Fabrication of Ultra-Sensitive Magnetic Sensors

SEMI continues its Advanced Sensor webinar series with dual webinar presentations from technical leads at Twinleaf and 3D-Micromac, covering advanced magnetic sensor design and fabrication.

These amazing devices play a critical role in measuring what we cannot see by their ultra-sensitivity to magnetic currents. Thinking about adding a magnetic sensor to extend the functionality of your device?  Then this is the webinar series for you.

Join these technology experts to see how magnetic sensors work, are built and how to utilize them in your products or research.

This webinar consists of two presentations:

Wafer Fabricated Atomic Reference Cells

Tom Kornack, Chief Scientist, Twinleaf LLC

Quantum sensing often uses atomic systems in vapor phase. This talk will briefly review Twinleaf’s wafer-scale atomic vapor cell fabrication capabilities and some of the applications that have been addressed.

Laser Based Magnetic Field Sensor Formation for GMR / TMR Sensor Arrays

Dr. Dirk Lewke, Team Leader Technology Innovation Management, 3D-Micromac

This presentation provides a deep inside into a laser-based annealing technology for GMR/TMR sensors, which enables the programming of advanced sensor structures at wafer level. The key feature is the combination of reaching the Curie-Temperature by applying a selective laser spot and an in-situ rotatable magnetic field while wafer travelling at high speed. Unique single sensor field programming enables high quality sensor read-out repeatability.

Glass wafer cut for medical devices

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