Webinar: microPREP PRO – Update to the Next Level 2021

Our laser micromachining system microPREP PRO is constantly evolving. As our customers and users of the microPREP PRO are constantly giving us feedback on what they need to make their sample preparation tasks even easier, we are always developing new workflows, recipes and accessories. This free webinar will give you an overview on the latest updates for the microPREP PRO system and will explain how these updates can facilitate your lab work.

Amongst others the following topics will be covered:

  • New Ramp Workflow: Learn how to save precious lab time by milling ramps instead of boxes into the sample and thus remove less material!
  • Improved Scan Regimes: What does this mean for your samples and their surface quality?
  • Image Overlay: Find out how to navigate on your specimen as easy as on any construction plan!

This webinar is suited for you if:

  • you already have an idea of what a microPREP PRO is used for OR
  • you are using a microPREP PRO system already in your lab OR
  • you are wondering if microPREP could help you with your sample preparation tasks

You can now re-watch the webinar for free.

microPREP™ PRO: Webinar

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